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Freedom to travel, security & wealth protection, education & lifestyle, tax optimization

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Adding or changing a residency or even citizenship can improve your quality of life and open up new opportunities

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We advise and support you to achieve your goals, while enabling you make a profitable investment decision

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New legislations in Spain and Portugal enable foreigners to obtain an EU residency permit by investing at least 500 thousand Euros in property.


Independent experts you can trust

Residency-by-investment Services (RBIS) is a Swiss company specialized in residency-by-investment solutions for individuals.

We select countries with attractive residency-by-investment programs and then partner with best-in-class local immigration, property and investment specialists to provide foreign investors tailor made solutions to obtain EU residencies for themselves and their families.

Our “one-stop-shop” residency-by-investment offering covers all required services from advisory sessions & planning, to investment identification and closure, to managing the residency applications and renewals as well as property management. Our all-in service:

  • Minimizes the time and effort required by our clients thanks to an RBIS client advisor coordinating the overall process
  • Guarantees consistent high quality service through trusted local experts
  • Ensures good investment returns by having a network of property experts tender for your business


To avoid any conflict of interest, RBIS hands-back any commission received from the seller to the client and does not pay any client referral fees. This saves money for our clients and enables RBIS to hunt for the best investment opportunities wherever they may be (independant of seller commission).

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Our services

  • Advisory sessions
  • Tailor made plan
  • Investment Execution
  • Residency application
  • Investment management

Residency by investment programs

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-Does an EU residency make sense for you?
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-What is the best investment strategy for you?
-What is the residency application process?